St Albans Independant College Ribbon

Fees 2024/2025


Two Year A-level: £6380 per subject, per year

Complete A-level Course over a year: £7645 per subject

Second Year A-level over a year: £6930 per subject


One Year AS-level Course £6380 per subject


Course Fees £2150

GCSE Core Programmes

Five Subjects: £6350 per term

English Language, English Literature, Maths and Double Award Science 

Seven Subjects: £8035 per term

Business Studies, English Language, English Literature, Maths, Psychology and Double Award Science

Additional GCSE Subjects

Any GCSEs taken separately to the Core Programme are charged at £4080 per subject, per year. 

Other Fees

Practical Fees: (Art, Film, Media, Photography & Science)   £380 per subject

Enrolment Fee: £320

Exam Entry Fees
A-level: £440 per subject    AS Level: £380 per subject    GCSE: £320 per subject

Fees may be paid in weighted termly or monthly instalments.