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Students joining St Albans Independent College to study GCSEs do so for a variety of reasons, the most common being that parents feel that their son or daughter will benefit from small classes, individualised support and a hard-working academic environment.

Students appreciate and respond well to our friendly and informal atmosphere where they are treated as young adults and are encouraged to develop self-confidence and self-discipline. In comparison to most other schools, our relatively small student cohort allows students to feel comfortable at the College and build friendships quickly.

Our policy of teaching no more than seven students in a class and our student-centred approach to teaching encourages lively debate, while focusing on developing a sound Knowledge base and the underpinning analytical, evaluative and exam technique skills necessary to do well.

Weekly written assignments and regular tests are used to deepen learning, monitor student progress and to provide a strong basis for revision.

The staff and teachers are really friendly as well as the students. It is much nicer than being in a formal school setting where things like, behaviour, uniform, assemblies, etc. are focused on more than actually getting you the best grade.


Teachers were all amazing, Malcolm deserves my A* more than me, always being full of energy. Nick is an awesome teacher, as is Sue and John. Thank you.


The teachers are very kind and understanding, and also realistic with their expectations of pupils. Being in small groups helped me to understand the topics as I was more comfortable in being able to ask questions. It was a more relaxed atmosphere. Teachers were friendly and always helped.


Teachers are very helpful and willing to give their time. Small groups definitely helped.


Very friendly and encouraging teachers. Feedback is much appreciated, especially doing the college test which helped me work efficiently. Especially when doing the AS and A2 in one year. I was encouraged and pushed to achieve my best by all my teachers. Being in small classes where we could discuss things was much better than being in a large group.


Could not have asked for better teachers. The college and motivated me to do my very best and thankfully I was able to secure a place for me at my chosen University.


St Albans College is a great College with small classes and very friendly teachers and was an excellent place for me to have a second stab at my A-levels. Thank you.


I found the teachers to be very friendly and encouraging. Being taught in small groups helped to get work done quickly and efficiently, especially when doing a one year course where you are having to complete your AS and A2-levels in a year.


Unbelievable results. Kind and helpful teachers who are always available. A thousand times better than anywhere I’ve been before. I’m not kidding, I failed two exams in my old school and got a A*’s here. Not only did I have the pleasure of working with warm hearted, patient, persistent professional teachers, but the unique thing about St. Albans College is the individual attention you receive from each teacher. Really, really cool.


The teachers here believe in you and will do everything they can in helping you to not just achieve your target grades but even exceed them and do better. It’s not however just down to the teachers, you yourself need to stay focused and on track in order to do this. It’s a friendly environment where you will be treated like an adult and given enough responsibilities. The teachers will also address the main issues that you have with exam technique and revision and will therefore help you to achieve better grades in future exams.


Coming from an intensely pressurised school where grades meant everything I had lost my confidence when I didn’t get the grades or university course I wanted. St Albans College completely changed this. Not only did I receive amazing individual support from my tutors. I also felt that they really valued my emotional well being. All of them told me I could do it when I didn’t believe in myself. I was amazed and ecstatic to find I got two As in Music and English and I am heading off to Cambridge armed with the new found knowledge St Albans College has taught me.


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