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Personal Development

Our primary aim at St Albans College is to equip students with the best possible education. However, we do not see this as our only responsibility..

We understand that young people joining the College are at an important juncture in their lives. As they enter adulthood they will be required to be more responsible for their actions, develop their personal autonomy and consider wider social, moral and cultural issues. To this end, we have a rolling program of thought provoking and entertaining events in place that provide students with important opportunities for personal development.

We have a fascinating program of eminent guest speakers who share our belief that young people need to be nurtured in ways that are not limited to the academic subjects they study.

Previous speakers have come from a wide variety of backgrounds including academia, media, politics, art and business.

We organise trips to various events such as the theatre, academic conferences and exhibitions. We encourage our students to engage in and organise fundraising events for good causes. Students at the College were awarded The British Red Cross Humanitarian Active School Award, having taken part in five challenges, which included First Aid Training, Humanitarian Education and fund raising. Other charitable events run by the students have included fancy dress days, cake sales and sponsored events.

Our programme of Personal Development is designed to bring students together, to help them develop their critical thinking, broaden their horizons and develop their self-confidence and social skills. In our experience, nurturing students in this way has a direct and positive impact on their academic success.

Curricula Enrichment