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Special Education Needs and Support

All students have Educational Needs, and the College promotes an open approach where we believe our students feel confident to ask for help when they need it.  Those with Special Educational Needs are supported in an appropriate way, but we often need to step in for other students too.  Our students appreciate the help they are given and learn to take responsibility for their own learning by being honest with the College staff.  We are keen to develop both students and teachers to bring out the best in every student, regardless of their needs.

When students join the College we do our best to work with them and their parents to establish the best ways to help and support them in their learning.  If a student arrives with previously identified Special Educational Needs, we discuss which strategies have worked well in the past so that they can be continued in the College setting.

We actively monitor students throughout the year, as sometimes difficulties manifest as young people develop new and more advanced academic skills. With systems in place to assess, plan, do and review provision we are able to step in and support any student should the need arise. Our proactive approach involves working closely and honestly with our students and their parents.  Sometimes a student may need guidance in specific subjects, or wellbeing support but we take all issues seriously until we find a solution that demonstrates we have listened to and understood our students. Our staff work as a strong team of teachers who are always there to support and to provide subject specific advice, but we also call upon the help of external professionals whenever necessary.  Beyond life at the College, we support students in taking next steps, whether they are moving on to University, work or an Apprenticeship.  The SENCO can pass on relevant information to facilitate successful transition, with the student’s permission, and liaises with Special Needs and Student Support Services at Universities to help students even after they have left the College. This holistic approach has proved to be very successful with a wide range of students.

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