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Our Approach

St Albans Independent College is built upon the principle that the best way for students to achieve their academic potential is by excellent teaching in small group classes and by structured personal support.

Teaching in small groups allows for the emphasis of the lesson to be on discussion and interaction. This requires students to engage more deeply with the subject matter and ensures that learning is monitored throughout. Students also find that this interactive approach helps them to develop their confidence as well as their knowledge and understanding.

Each student is supported in their studies by a Mentor who will monitor their efforts and achievements, and help motivate them to achieve their best. Although there is a strong academic ethos at the College, the environment is friendly and supportive.


‘Pupils are attentive in lessons. They appreciate the calmness and friendliness of the school. They get along well and support each other to achieve. Pupils want to learn’.

‘Teachers skilfully help pupils when they struggle to maintain good levels of attention’.

Ofsted Inspection Report (March 2024)


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